Family Emergency Preparedness Plan
Are You Ready? - Family Emergency Preparedness Plan
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Emergency Phone Numbers

911- For Emergency
1.800.222.1222 - Poison Center
Child's Physician Contact Number

Child's Dentist Contact Number

Medical Emergency
  Needs emergency medical treatment? AAP
How and when to call 911? AAP
Injuries & Emergencies A-Z AAP
Allergy Reaction AAP
Dental Emergencies AAP
Health Alerts AAP
Helping Children Cope with Emergencies school-emergency-plans - Helping Children Cope with Crisis - Helping Children/Teens Cope with Violence/Disasters; Spanish -Talking with Teens about War and Terrorism -Helping Children with Disabilities - FAQs about Building Evacuation

Coping and Recovering after Disasters - Prevent Injury after a Disaster; Spanish Coping with Disasters/More Information - Disaster Preparation and Recovery
  Iteractive Activities for Children
FEMA for Kids: Be a Hero!
FEMA: Coloring Book for
Emergency Preparedness

August - Family Preparedness Month in Illinois
IEMA Encourages Parents to Include Emergence Preparedness in Back-to-School Plans

Pediatric and Adult Triage Principles for Large Scale Events

Uptodated Stories for Families

Boy Hero: “Boy’s tornado warnings helped save family”
Camp Noah is a program for elementary school-age children whose communities have been impacted by disaster."

For Children and Teens
FEMA: Helping Children Cope with Disaster
AAP: Helping-Children-Cope
AAP: Talking-to-Children-About-Disasters
AAP: Children & Disasters - Plan Ahead; Spanish; French -Emergency Preparedness
Fire Safety (
Find Assistance for Disaster Relief -Locate & Apply for Disaster Relief - Disaster Recovery: A Guide to Financial Issues - Relief Aid in a Disaster/PDF
4 Steps for Family Planning
  Your Family Disaster Plan(
How to Prepare for Disasters(AAP:
  Be Informed  
  See your local emergency management website for more information. Identify emergency contacts and establish communication.  
  Ready Illinois (
Are You Ready? (
Emergency Preparedness and You (  
  Make a Family Disaster Plan  
  Build a Disaster Kit  
Gather the necessary supplies to make sure your family is prepared for emergencies.
Build a Kit (
  Practice Your Family Disaster Plan  
  Rehearse your disaster plan together to ensure your kids understand their part. Quiz your kids regularly to reinforce the plan.  
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Emergency Medicine Team
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  ACF: Administration for Children& Families AAP: American Academy of Pediatrics; Spanish ARC: American Red Cross; Spanish CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention DHS: Dept. of Homeland Security HRM: Healthy Roads Media; Spanish FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency NFPA: National Fire Protection Association NICHD: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development NIMI: National Institute of Mental Health NC-PTSD: National Center for PTSD, Dept. of Veterans Affairs CMHS: Center for Mental Health Services

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