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Practice & Quality Improvement (QI)
AAP Guideline Implementation
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  • Exchange practice experience among primary physicians
  • Explore the strategy to implement AAP guidelines effectively (with less paper works) in pediatric medical homes through electronic medical record and online health education.
  • Implant electronic health records ( EHR ) & quality improvement program
  • Increase efficiency of care and reduce time burden on health care providers
  • Provide online education and continuity of care for patients and parents - information prescription
  • Focus specific health topics and specific population
  • Bridge geographical barriers for rural areas and other countries
How to Implement QI Projects to Your Practice  
  • EHR: copy the information to electronic health record
  • Flyer: distribute the website address to patients and families
  • Online: familiarize online education contents and introduce them to patients and families
  • Print: print health education handout for patients and families
  Well Child Check-Up (WCC)  
  WCC Questionnaires
  WCC Plan & After-Visit-Summary (EHR)  
  Give Families Website Address (Flyer)  
  Health Education - Well Check-Up (Online)  
  Health Information - Well & Sick Visits (Online)  
  School Bullying  
  History Intake; Assesment & Plan (EHR)  
  Letter to School (EHR) (Print)  
  Health Education - Short Version (EHR) (Print)  
  Give Website Address to Families (Flyer)  
  Health Education - Long Version (Online)  
  School Underachievement  
  Developmental Screening  
  Mental Health  
  Oral Health  
  Sleep Disorders and Management


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